How Can We Help You Grow Your Own?

By showing you how to invest in your present and future workforce, while also making an investment in your local community.

We provide Computer Science training to underrepresented high school students whom otherwise may not have access to technology based career training and advanced-skill job placement. Curriculum is taught by professionals who are in the field, focused on the needs of industry with the ultimate goal of certification.


We assist existing workers with skill gaps, an opportunity to assess their current level of proficiency and then develop a means of closing those gaps and learning new skills. At the same time, encouraging these workers to leverage their life experience and organizational knowledge in ways their companies may not have considered.


We create a path for tech industry pros to volunteer and mentor high school students. This provides opportunities for professionals to give back in a way that taps into what they are passionate about and what they know and do best. Sharing their knowledge and insights with the next generation. Thus, investing in their industry’s future, directly.

13.7 %

Projected Computer Science occupational growth over the next decade.

S.T.E.M. occupation growth projected to be faster than the average for all U.S. occupations (+557,100 new jobs).

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